Private Dance Classes

Whether you want to develop your artistry or fine-tune your technique, working one-on-one with a teacher can help take your dancing to the next level. When it’s just you and a teacher in the studio, you get all the attention.

If you’re having a problem with turns or you want to gain more flexibility, the teacher can tailor exercises to help strengthen those weaknesses. You don’t have to have a specific problem or focus to take private lessons, but it helps to talk to your teacher about your goals and keep an open line of communication.

The teacher also gets to know you as a person and can help you develop emotionally as a dancer. If you’re at the top of your class, a one-on-one session can challenge you, or if you’re slightly behind, the time can be spent going over basics.

RCFAA's dance instructors are available for original choreography for special events, competitions and auditions.

To request a private private dance lesson, please click on the link below.