Intermediate/Advance Ballet

Julian Rachal
River City Fine Arts Academy, Inc.: Room 1 (location map)
Saturday, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
08/11/18 - 05/04/19 (39 weeks)

Level III - Advanced: Dancers at this level will start class at the ballet barre to work on classical technique, executing combinations at different musical tempos and on different musical counts. They will build strength and learn how to put several steps together while smoothly transferring their weight and holding correct posture and body placement. Focus will be on building core strength. They will also add new steps to their repertoire, moving beyond the Intermediate Level. Center work will consist of an adagio, a tendu combination, jumps – including petit allegro and batterie, and pirouette preparations and turns. Dancers will begin to work on attitude positions, as well as, develop their grande rond de jambe and rond de jambe en l’air. Corner work will consist of jump, waltz, and various traveling combinations, including grande allegro, kept in time to the music. These combinations may exceed 2 eight counts of movement. Dancers will learn basic kinesiology and stage placement. They will be given literature on anatomy for dancers. Advanced Level III dancers must have at least four years experience, take at least one other ballet class a week, and have the instructor’s permission to register for the class. Class is recommended for dancers ages 11 and up.